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Experienced Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


At Revolution BJJ, we have many BJJ black belt instructors teaching and training on a weekly basis. We offer classes that are regularly attended by all belt levels. We also offer classes just for blue belts and up, with tons of rolling time. There are over 40 BJJ classes per week on our schedule, including 6 AM classes, nonstop rolling and advanced instruction, judo and wrestling classes. No matter your schedule or skill level, Revolution BJJ has a class for you!

Takedowns and throws
Revolution BJJ also has a judo program wherein you can pursue rank in the art of judo, or just study to supplement your BJJ game. We also offer a wrestling class and a class specifically to drill takedowns. In addition to specific judo and wrestling classes, all fundamental classes include standup instruction. By the time they reach blue belt, students at the gym are well versed in takedowns, and are well rounded grapplers.

On the Ground

Revolution BJJ has monthly themes for its BJJ classes. With many black belt instructors the monthly themes allow students to study specific themes from many different perspectives. Rolling in classes is just as important as technique. From introductory level classes to our level 4 classes, a form of live rolling (whether pass/sweep, positional rolling, or full rolling) is available in almost every class.