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New to Jiu Jitsu? Get Started Here.



Revolution BJJ takes a unique and incredibly effective approach in getting beginners to move from “zero to hero”, giving you exactly the material you need to get started. With more than a decade of successful graduates from our program moving on to become advanced students over time, our intro program has proven itself to be the most successful one around, and it has been imitated (but not duplicated) by gyms around the country.

When you first get started in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), it can be a daunting, intimidating process. You get onto the mat, and the students “mean mug” you because you don’t know what you’re doing. Next thing you know, you’re thrown to the wolves and the advanced students are mercilessly beating you up!

Well, this is the opposite of your experience at Revolution BJJ. We have several different options for intro programs, and all have defined start and end dates. Our advanced students welcome you when you come in, and our black belt instructors guide you through the very beginning with exactly the material you need to learn, and at a pace you can keep up with! You’ll get to do some live training at the end of your very first class, too, but it will be under carefully controlled situations with very experienced practitioners.

Contact us here to reserve your spot in an upcoming intro program.