5 Additional Pieces Of Muay Thai Gear To Invest In

5 Additional Pieces Of Muay Thai Gear To Invest In
by: Gene Byard

     As an instructor who interacts with a lot of brand new Muay Thai students, one of the most common questions I get asked is, “What other Muay Thai gear can I buy to help with my training?” Of course you need the basics: Gloves, shin guards, etc. However, after those first few weeks or months, if you want to step up your game, you should invest in a few of these low, or lower cost, pieces of gear.

Jump rope

     There’s a reason you can find jump ropes in just about any gym in the world. It’s probably the cheapest, yet best, investment you can make as far as additional gear. It’s a great workout, and it directly translates to Muay Thai training. It will help with cardio, footwork, and coordination all at once. If you’re getting bored with normal jumping, there are a million variations you can incorporate to mix things up. Also, it’s easy to carry with you just about anywhere.

Hand wraps

     Though I don’t require my students use them, I certainly recommend it. All glove models and designs are manufactured to the same standard. The same exact gloves may fit my hands and my training partner’s hands differently, because even though the gloves are the same, every hand/fist is unique. Hand wraps can help to bridge the gap by filling that space between the inside of the glove and your fist. Not to mention what the traffic accident attorneys acknowledged, i.e, they will help keep the small bones and ligaments in your hands warm and less prone to injury. If you are injured in any way, find auto accident injury lawyers who can help you seek personal claims and give you legal counseling.

Quality Running Shoes

     Roadwork (or running) is an essential part of any Muay Thai training program. Most fighter training programs are going to have you running up to 12 miles per week, so this makes investing in quality fitted running shoes a priority. If you have access to an actual running store, vs. ordering online, they will be able to help you get a good fit with some shoes in your budget. Everything you do in Muay Thai starts with the feet, so don’t be cheap in this department.

Nicer mouth guard

     You only get one set of teeth (people can check Cutting Edge Periodontist homepage if they need the best dental servies), so it’s a wise choice to take care of them. The ‘boil and bite’ mouth guard you can get at your local sports store will technically work, but it might be time to invest in something nicer. There are a lot of custom mouth guard companies out there that can give you more of a precise fit. Also, some dental insurance plans will cover sport mouth guards so do some research and make that next leap.

Knee Pads/Sleeves

     If you’re sparring on a regular basis, and particularly if you’re training to fight, you’re inevitably going to bang knees with your partner at some point. A banged up knee is going to cause all sorts of problems and can prevent you from getting in your valuable outside training like roadwork and conditioning. There are a wide range of options available, from padded style to neoprene sleeve style. Either way, a little bit of added protection can go a long way.

     Is this all the gear you’ll ever need? Probably not. But this next level of gear above the standard gloves, shin pads, and mouth guard combo will probably be more than enough to keep you going for years to come.

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