What Are Our Adult BJJ Online Classes Like?

If you’re stuck at home and looking to train, we’ve got you covered with our online classes.  Revolution BJJ launched online classes in the early days of the pandemic, and we’ve continued to develop our program over the past few months.  You may be wondering what those classes entail, and how it works.  Here’s a quick description, along with a schedule.  Both partner and solo classes are included with your online membership.

Partner classes 
Do you have a person you’re comfortable training with in the privacy and comfort of your own home (or their home)?  If so, partner classes are perfect for you.  3rd degree black belt Andrew Smith shows the techniques with his partner, then the first partner walks through the techniques, step by step, with everyone doing each step at the same time.  Andrew explains:

We’ll usually walk through the techniques together 3 times at a minimum, then switch partners.  The second partner goes at the same time as my partner, with each step clearly articulated so nobody is left behind.  After each partner gets 3 reps of a move, we’ll move on to the next technique.  It has been amazing seeing how effective this method can be through the magic of online learning!

Solo classes 
If you’re stuck at home without a partner, or if you just want to add some solo classes in for an additional workout (and technical lesson), solo drills are here for you.  Monday’s and Wednesday’s solo classes, led by 3rd degree black belts Russ Helm and Andrew Smith, respectively, cover fundamental movements of jiu jitsu with repetitions designed to get your heart rate up, and keep it in the zone for the full duration of the workout.  Saturday’s 11 AM conditioning class with 2nd degree black belt and fitness machine Daniel Frank adds a fantastic 30 minute workout to cap your week off with a sweat and some healthy soreness.  Billy Spott’s yoga for BJJ at 8 AM Sundays starts the new week off right, where  you can gain the benefits of flexibility, core strength, and recovery that this ancient art has to offer.

Schedule of classes:

Monday – 7:00 PM – Solo Drills Class

Tuesday – 6:00 PM – BJJ Partner Class

Wednesday – 6:00 PM – Solo Drills Class

Thursday – 6:00 PM – BJJ Partner Class

Saturday – 9:00 AM – No-gi partner class

Saturday – 11:00 AM – Conditioning

Sunday – 8:00 AM – Yoga

If you’re a member of the gym (or a friend of the gym who has experience training), sign up for online Zoom classes here for adults, and here for kids.  Want to get back to the gym?  We’ve got you covered: check out our schedule for designated partner classes and socially-distanced solo drills classes.  We are taking every precaution we can to keep our gym safe, and whether you want to train at home or in-person, we are here for you.

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