The Best Hall and Oates Songs to Listen to While Rolling

The Best Hall and Oates Songs to Listen to While Rolling

By: Daniel Frank

     Music and jiu jitsu have always gone hand-in-hand. Personally, I cannot take, teach, or roll in a class that doesn’t have music playing. It is very awkward to take a class in dead silence. Music is powerful and can effect the mentality, emotions, and physical presence of a jiu jitsu player. It can effect a whole room full of jiu jitsu players. It can help to create the culture of the room for better, or for worse. It can create tempo and inspire practitioners to train harder or it can slow the pace down and get practitioners to focus on their technique. Music is very important. Alas, one band, without knowing it(or maybe they did know), became the perfect band to roll to. That band, Hall and Oates, have put out a ton of music for the world to listen to. I have picked the best songs to roll to so that you can lift your game to the highest level and start rolling like a pro.

5. ‘One on One’ – From the ‘H2O’ album in 1982. Daryl Hall’s sultry voice mixed with the steady beat of a synthesizer, keeps you feeling like you can tap out the world. Bring on the Mundials champ, you will tap them out. Once John Oates joins the song, you can imagine yourself atop the podium at the World Championships, gold medal draped around your neck. This is a great song to keep your pace up as you roll and also the challenge of maintaining steady eye contact with your partner throughout the roll.

4. ‘I Can’t Go For That’ – Off of the ‘Private Eyes’ album in 1981, ‘I Can’t Go For That’ is another song that you must roll to. With an intro that may, or may not, have been ripped off by Michael Jackson’s ‘Billie Jean’, albeit with synthesizer drums, this song will get you and your partner excited to roll so much that you will ask for an encore and a second roll. Be sure, during that second roll, to shut down all of your partner’s attempted attacks while whispering “I can’t go for that” in their ear.

3. ‘She’s Gone’ – Off of the album ‘Abandoned Luncheonette’, Hall and Oates’ second album in 1973. A slow beginning builds to a powerful crescendo full of melodic singing, violins, and a bad-ass brass section. If you want to feel good about your rolling, roll to this song. You will find that your transitions are as smooth as the melody. Just don’t listen too closely to the sad lyrics. Seriously, they are sad.

2. ‘Sara Smile’ – Once a high level class has started to turn up the pace and reached it’s apex it needs to chill out a bit so the students can be ready to practice technique. This song is a bit more of a soulful tune to mellow out the practitioners on the mat after that pace has been increased. The violins and back up singing help the jiu jitsu player to smoothly execute their favorite sweep, while smiling the whole time.

1. ‘Maneater’ – The upbeat bass and drums, along with the reggae off beat give this song a tempo that keeps the jiu jitsu player moving and flowing through a roll. The popular chorus will keep you whistling throughout the day and influence the pace of all your future rolls. Don’t be afraid to put this song on a one-hour loop and roll without a break.

Bonus tracks:

‘Rich Girl’ – Not a particular favorite of mine, but this short song is very upbeat. ‘Rich Girl’ will help to keep your mind off of the troubles of your day, the stress of life, and get you focused on getting the best out of every roll on the mat.

‘When the Morning Comes’ – This song, also off of the fantastic ‘Abandoned Luncheonette’ album, makes me feel like I am rolling in the 1970’s. An early classic, this song might even entice you to play the whole album or even make the whole evening a special Hall and Oates evening. I suggest that you do so.

Many people will argue that there are better songs and bands to listen to. That’s okay, you don’t have to listen to those stupid people. You know the truth. With this hidden knowledge, if you find yourself traveling for work and at some strange jiu jitsu academy somewhere in the world, and they need a suggestion for music to listen to- you have the answer. Don’t be afraid to spread the knowledge and let the world know. Good luck!

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