Escapes and Takedowns

It’s March 2022, and Revolution BJJ is adding a new weekly takedown drills class.  This class will be open to any jiu jitsu practitioner ranked 2 stripe white belt or higher, or a minimum of a yellow belt rank in judo.  Students need to come in prepared, with something they want to work on, and the class will function just like our Wednesday, 6:30 PM drills class.

March 2022 also brings in a new monthly theme:  escapes!  Get out of submissions, escape from side control, and defy death by learning how to get out of bad spots.  All of our regularly scheduled adult BJJ classes (lest judo and any intros) will focus on this theme.

Due to the rising number of Covid-19 positive cases in the state of Virginia, Revolution BJJ is currently unable to accept visitors from other gyms.  Thank you for your patience as we grapple (pun intended) with a tremendous challenge.

See you on the mats!

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