February 2016 at Revolution BJJ – Passing the Guard

Andrew "goatfury" Smith teaching a leg drag guard pass 2016 is officially rolling along (sounds crazy to say that, but it’s true), and we’re focusing on passing the guard in all level 2 and level 4 classes!  Come work on leg drags, double under stack passes, knee cut passing, and a whole slew of other techniques, from fundamental to cutting edge BJJ.  Purple, brown, or black belt visiting Richmond?  Come train with our 9 black belts!  New to BJJ?  Get started with our upcoming introductory programs!

Interested in Muay Thai kickboxing?  Revolution BJJ can get you started, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced fighter!  Drop in to say hello, or drop us a line today.  We’re working on elbows all month in the level 2 Muay Thai classes!

Do you have children who you’d like to get started training martial arts?  We’re here for you!

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