July: Closed Guard invades Richmond (new BJJ theme)

Straight armlock from closed guard.July is here, and the closed guard is the theme of the month for all level 2 and 4 BJJ classes!  We’ll cover posture control, setting up sweeps and back takes, and, of course, submissions.  Wristlocks, chokes, armlocks, and a lot more are ahead for the month, where we explore jiu jitsu’s iconic position.  Level 1 classes will continue with the intro curriculum, so you won’t miss a beat.

If you’ve got children and would like to get them started in martial arts, check out our kids’ programs!   We have 7 classes a week for children aged 4 and up, both in kickboxing and in BJJ.

Adults:  new to BJJ or Muay Thai?  Check out one of our upcoming introductory programs for BJJ or Muay Thai.  You can get started right away with other beginners.

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