June at Revolution BJJ

13086739_1001273433242599_3689972025887860084_oThe month of June at Revolution BJJ brings the awesome warm Richmond weather we’ve been waiting for (hopefully the dry, warm weather), and a new monthly Brazilian Jiu Jitsu theme:  side control.  This month, all level 2 and level 4 classes will focus around side control attacks (and a little defense for good measure).  We’ll work on basic and advanced submissions including armlocks, Kimuras, lapel chokes, no-gi chokes, and leglocks; and advancing to both mount and back, plus a little knee on stomach.  All level 1 classes will follow the intro program format, as always.

If you have a child and are interested in getting him or her started in BJJ or in Muay Thai kickboxing, check out one of our upcoming intro programs here!  We also have several upcoming programs for adults getting stated.  If you need more info, just reach out here.

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