Kimura Mania!

Here is a logical sequence for using our Kimura system from the top of half guard.  Consider this stuff to be “the basics” for this system.  There’s a lot more to it, but this will definitely get you started.

If you are able to separate the arm from the body (as Andrew is able to do in this video), here are two basic options for finishing the submission:

If you are unable to separate the arm from the body, here are three passing options (each pass has a finish associated with it, but no matter how you finish, you are likely to be able to improve your position with these basic concepts:

1.  “Floating Pass”

2. If the person bucks you while attempting the “floating pass” above, the “El Gato” is in order:

3. If your opponent tries a more technical back take from the “floating pass”, “The Trade” is an excellent option:

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