Levels and Classes

Intro, Level 1 or 2 BJJ classes are open to any jiu jitsu members.  Level 3 classes are open to 2-stripe white belts and up. Level 4 classes are open to blue belts and up.

Intro Classes.  A rotating fundamental curriculum designed to introduce newer students to jiu jitsu, while also adding an additional level of comprehension for more advanced students.  There are multiple sessions of each program.

Level 1: Open to all belt levels.  50 minute class format that includes techniques on the feet and ground with a short period of instructor led sparring at the end of class.  Perfect for new students looking to get in shape and develop the habit of consistent training.

Level 2: Open to all belt levels.  One hour class format includes techniques on the feet and ground with live rolling during the last portion of class.  Great for newer student looking to jump into training and wanting a challenging format, all the way up to black belt.

Level 3 Drills: Open to 2 stripe white belts and above.  30 minute class format with instructor led drilling.  Note: there is no open rolling during this class.  This is your opportunity to review techniques learned during the month.  Spending extra time drilling positions is important and an excellent support for instruction based classes.

Level 3 Leglocks, No-Gi: Open to 2 stripe white belts and above.  30 minute technique-driven classes are divided into fundamentals and advanced.

Level 4:  Open to blue belts and up.  These classes assume the student has a solid understanding of the fundamentals, and typically involve lots of rolling.

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