Welcome to Revolution Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai!

Interested in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?
We have a comprehensive 8 week no-gi introductory program available, and a 6 week gi BJJ intro program catered specifically for beginners. There’s also a self-defense introductory program.  Contact us right away to reserve your spot before these programs sell out! We also have separate classes for more advanced students. With access to more than 50 classes per week and 9 BJJ black belts, Revolution BJJ has something to offer even the most eccentric schedule.

Interested in Muay Thai Kickboxing?
Our introductory 8 week program for kickboxing will give you all of the tools to join in with the experienced students. Reserve your spot here or find out more about our Tuesday/Thursday intros or Saturday intro classes!

Kids’ classes!
Revolution BJJ offers two distinct martial arts options for kids: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) and Kids’ Kickboxing (based on Muay Thai). Children will be able to pursue rank in each of these arts, and there will never be any belt testing fees!  Learn more about the best self defense classes for kids here. Text us here or call us at 804-657-7461!

August 2020: No-Gi Training In-Person and Online

If you're a member of the gym, we've got you covered for August, whatever your level of comfort or need!  If you're interested in training from the comfort of your own home, either solo or with a partner, sign up for our Zoom classes here for adults, and here for kids.  Want to get back… Read More

Jiu Jitsu as a Tool for Unity

Jiu Jitsu as Tool for Unity By: Daniel Frank      Wow, this world is sure getting crazy isn't it? The year 2020 has come along and taken everything that most human beings thought was normal, and comfortable, and kicked it in the face. A global pandemic, an economy dive bombing, severe unemployment, stay-at-home orders… Read More

Reopening Statement

Revolution BJJ Students, There are many factors that go into the planned reopening of our academies. Our primary concern is, and always will be, the health and safety of our staff, our students, and the extended members of the Revolution BJJ family. With that in mind we are completing our reopening plans to be put… Read More

Being a Good Teammate

Being a Good Teammate by: Daniel Frank      Jiu jitsu is a solo sport. You step out onto the mat by yourself and match up against an opponent. You can hear your heart beating in your ears. Your palms start to sweat and your mouth gets dry. The referee signals the start of the… Read More

June Update

As more time has passed, we are beginning to be able to formulate a better idea of what reopening might look like for us. Unfortunately, we're still unsure as to when exactly that might be. Nevertheless, having some idea of a phased reopening plan has been extremely helpful for us to think through as owners… Read More

Tips for the Absolute Novice

Tips for the Absolute Novice by: Daniel Frank      I started jiu jitsu by answering an advertisement in the newspaper. I was living in a foreign country and could not speak the language. I needed something to do with my limited free time and that advertisement appealed to me. I went to my first… Read More

BJJ Path is 100% Free During Covid-19

From Andrew Smith: BJJ Friends - I'm making BJJ Path entirely free for the duration of the pandemic, at least while your gym is closed. Just go over to www.bjjpath.com and create an account (it's free, no bait-and-switch, no credit card info) and check out the video tutorial encyclopedia I've been putting together for the… Read More

Resuming Jiu Jitsu Training After a Concussion

Resuming Jiu Jitsu Training After a Concussion By: Dana Lapato and Daniel Frank      Concussions are brain injuries that can result in a number of negative health outcomes, including cognitive impairment, balance problems, and sensory perception. Symptom severity and duration can vary widely among individuals. The common thread all concussions share is that early… Read More

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