Welcome to Revolution Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai!

Interested in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?
We have a comprehensive 8 week no-gi introductory program available, and a 6 week gi BJJ intro program catered specifically for beginners. There’s also a self-defense introductory program.  Contact us right away to reserve your spot before these programs sell out! We also have separate classes for more advanced students. With access to more than 50 classes per week and 9 BJJ black belts, Revolution BJJ has something to offer even the most eccentric schedule.

Interested in Muay Thai Kickboxing?
Our introductory 8 week program for kickboxing will give you all of the tools to join in with the experienced students. Reserve your spot here or find out more about our Tuesday/Thursday intros or Saturday intro classes!

Kids’ classes!
Revolution BJJ offers two distinct martial arts options for kids: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) and Kids’ Kickboxing (based on Muay Thai). Children will be able to pursue rank in each of these arts, and there will never be any belt testing fees!  Learn more about the best self defense classes for kids here. Text us here or call us at 804-657-7461!

3 Tips For Training While Traveling

3 Tips For Training While Traveling by: Gene Byard      A common question I get from every Muay Thai student, from novice to seasoned fighter, is, “How do I keep my training going while I’m traveling or on vacation?” This is a great question to ask, and with a little preparation, it’s an easy… Read More

May’s Muay Thai Theme – Teep!

May is finally here, and so is a new Muay Thai monthly theme.  All Level 2 classes this month will focus on the swiss army knife of Muay Thai techniques - the teep!  We'll be working varieties of the teep, practicing the teep as a defensive weapon, using the teep as an offensive weapon, and defending… Read More

May 2019: Open Guard at Revolution BJJ!

For the month of May 2019 at Revolution BJJ, we'll turn our focus to open guard.  We'll include lessons on lasso guard, worm guard, De La Riva (and reverse), X-guard, spider guard, and loads more.  For the entire month, all level 2 and level 4 BJJ classes will focus on sweeps, submissions, entries, and combinations from all… Read More

Earning Your Doctorate: Belt Progression and Time Frame

Earning Your Doctorate: Belt Progression and the Passage of Time by: Daniel Frank      Jiu jitsu has many similarities with traditional martial arts. Jiu jitsu practitioners wear uniforms a majority of the time while on the mat or in competition. They have a belt system used for promotion and to recognize expertise. However, jiu… Read More

Muay Thai in April: Clinch Time

One of the main skills that differentiates Muay Thai from other forms of kickboxing is the clinch. All Level 2 classes for the month of April will be focusing in on all elements of clinch techniques - from go-to grips, to clinch movement, to strategic knee placement. There will be something new for everyone on… Read More

Kimura Month!

Happy April, everyone!  This festive month brings an intensive study on the Kimura, both as a positional tool and as a submission.  As such, all level 2 and level 4 BJJ classes will focus on this powerful grip, and a system to start using right away centered around these techniques.  If you’re an experienced student and are… Read More

Rein it in: Controlling Yourself in Jiu Jitsu

Rein it in: Controlling Yourself in Jiu Jitsu By: Daniel Frank      All jiu jitsu practitioners should come to class with a smile on their face. They get to see their friends before a lesson and say hello. They swap stories, they laugh, and they get onto the mat in a jovial and upbeat… Read More

Muay Thai Monthly Theme: Pad Work for March

Pad holding month is upon us!  March 2019 at Revolution BJJ means that all level 2 Muay Thai classes will emphasize pad work in a number of exciting ways. Pad holding is an integral part of becoming a successful Muay Thai athlete. Perfecting this art will also help sharpen your own skills as you learn to string… Read More

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