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Interested in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?
We have comprehensive introductory programs available to get you started in martial arts.  Contact us right away to reserve your spot before these programs sell out! We also have separate classes for more advanced students. With access to more than 30 classes per week and a multitude of BJJ black belts, Revolution BJJ has something to offer even the most eccentric schedule.Interested in Muay Thai Kickboxing?
Our introductory program for kickboxing will give you all of the tools to join in with the experienced students. Reserve your spot here or find out more about us

Kids’ classes!
Revolution BJJ offers Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) for kids.  Children will be able to pursue rank and learn discipline and valuable social skills, and there will never be any belt testing fees!  Learn more about the best self defense classes for kids here. Text us here or call us at 804-657-7461!

October 2021: Omoplatas and Triangles

Triangles and omoplatas are back for October 2021 at Revolution BJJ.  All of our regularly scheduled adult BJJ classes (lest judo and any intros) will be centered around these two common, dynamic submissions that play extremely well together.  Learn ways to finish and escape, along with lots of plenty of set ups and combinations! Due to the rising… Read More

On Armbars

Armbars by: Russ Helm In this article I will try to offer a means of approaching the arm lock submission.  Taking time to intently study a position, or submission, is a fantastic way to improve your jiu jitsu.  It applies a focus to your training and will begin to highlight finer details of the position… Read More

September 2021: Gis Go Back On

September 2021 at Revolution BJJ brings back all of our regularly scheduled gi classes. The technical theme: armbars! Learn set ups from guard, mount, back, knee on stomach, side control, and more.  Focus on control and finish details, along with plenty of grip breaks and defenses. Due to the rising number of Covid-19 positive cases… Read More

No-Gi August, and Leglocks

August 2021 at Revolution BJJ brings an entire month of no-gi classes.  All of our BJJ classes except for gi intro, judo, and lapel guard class will focus on leglocks without the gi, including heel hooks, toe holds, calf slicers, kneebars, straight ankle locks and a lot more. As a reminder: if you’re vaccinated, you can now… Read More

Jiu Jitsu Training Stress: A Professional’s View

Keir Wenham-Flat is an NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with a Master’s degree in Strength and Conditioning and a Bachelor’s degree in Sport Science and a Revolution BJJ blue belt.  Availability is the best ability “Availability is the best ability” goes the cliche in sport preparation. All the strength, speed, size, and conditioning in… Read More

Levels and Classes

Intro, Level 1 or 2 BJJ classes are open to any jiu jitsu members.  Level 3 classes are open to 2-stripe white belts and up. Level 4 classes are open to blue belts and up. Intro Classes.  A rotating fundamental curriculum designed to introduce newer students to jiu jitsu, while also adding an additional level… Read More

Revolution BJJ Training Options and Policy Update

Here's a quick update to how your training options are evolving.  Our top priority continues to be to give all students a safe place to train, and we are closely following the lead of medical personnel we know and leading international and US health guidelines on what we need to do.  For non-vaccinated individuals, students… Read More

July 2021: New Schedule, and Closed Guard

July 2021 at Revolution BJJ brings out our newly updated schedule of 54 classes per week.  Meanwhile, all BJJ classes will feature a focus on the closed guard.  Submissions, sweeps, and transitions from the bottom will take center stage, along with the top person's perspective. For those unfamiliar with our levels system, level 1 or 2 BJJ… Read More

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