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Interested in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?
We have comprehensive introductory programs available to get you started in martial arts.  Contact us right away to reserve your spot before these programs sell out! We also have separate classes for more advanced students. With access to more than 30 classes per week and a multitude of BJJ black belts, Revolution BJJ has something to offer even the most eccentric schedule.Interested in Muay Thai Kickboxing?
Our introductory program for kickboxing will give you all of the tools to join in with the experienced students. Reserve your spot here or find out more about us

Kids’ classes!
Revolution BJJ offers Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) for kids.  Children will be able to pursue rank and learn discipline and valuable social skills, and there will never be any belt testing fees!  Learn more about the best self defense classes for kids here. Text us here or call us at 804-657-7461!

June 2021: Chokes

June 2021 is an amazing time for Revolution BJJ.  Read about our more open training schedule here.  Meanwhile, all BJJ classes will focus a wide range of chokes, both gi and no-gi.  We'll be choking from side control, the back, mount, open and closed guard, and all sorts of unexpected transitions in between positions, covering some basic… Read More

New Revolution BJJ Book Now on Kindle

The Wit and Wisdom of the Little Gym That Could is Revolution BJJ's first book, and we couldn't be more proud of what we've published.  Little Gym tells the story of Revolution BJJ through chapters written by Andrew Smith and Daniel Frank, with Russ Helm, Aaron Lapointe, and Mark Pushinsky all contributing their own perspectives.  You… Read More

Returning to More Training Options

Hey Revolution BJJ family!  We have an announcement we hope will get you excited about training!  Starting June 1st, we will expand our current small training pods and move to time-slot based mega-pods. Students will select a time slot (morning, midday, afternoon, or evening) megapod and will be able to partner with everyone that attends… Read More

Open Guard Month!

May 2021 brings us to a new monthly theme at Revolution BJJ:  open guard.  All BJJ classes, both online and in-person, will focus on all sorts of open guards, from spider (pictured) to lapel guard, when your partner is on both knees, with one leg up, or standing.  We'll sweep, submit, and maintain our open guards all month long! Stuck… Read More

April 2021: Kimura Month

April 2021 is all about the Kimura in BJJ.  All BJJ classes, both online and in-person, will focus on the shoulder lock submission and the grip itself.  We'll use the Kimura to pass the guard, sweep, and improve our position to the back; and we'll transition to other submissions.  We'll escape and counter, and we'll expand our understanding of an… Read More

March 2021: Escapes

March 2021 brings us to a new theme on the BJJ mats: escapes.  All BJJ classes, both online and in-person, will follow the theme of escapes, both from positions and from submissions.  Stuck in a triangle? Trapped under side control?  This is the month for you. Stuck at home and looking to train?  We’ve got you covered with our online… Read More

Passing the Guard: February 2021

February 2021 brings us to a new theme on the BJJ mats: passing the guard.  We'll cover passing various different types of open guard, both on the feet and on the ground, and safely opening the closed guard.  All BJJ classes, both online and in-person, will follow this theme. Stuck at home and looking to train?  We’ve got you covered… Read More

Happy New Year 2021!

Happy new year, everyone!  We're here to help make sure your 2021 is better than 2020 was.  We're starting the jiu jitsu new year off with guard maintenance as our theme.  This means guard pass prevention and resetting long before the person gets ahead of you.  We'll cover knee cuts, leg drags, and everything in… Read More

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