New Weekly Clinch-Only Class!

Revolution BJJ is pleased to add a clinch-only class, 100% focused on the Muay Thai clinch position!  Jarrett Church, clinch wizard extraordinaire, has used his background in educational administration to develop an incredibly effective clinch curriculum, and we are proud to have him share his expertise with us.  His combined 25 years of boxing and Thai boxing experience has heavily influenced his Muay Thai instruction.  Back in 2002, Jarrett founded the Muay Thai program at Richmond BJJ, and nearly all of our Muay Thai instructors at Revolution BJJ got their start with Jarrett.  Jarrett has returned to his role as head instructor at Richmond BJJ after spending a few years as head of the Muay Thai program at Julio Ferndandez’s academy in Burlington, Vermont; and has been sought after to teach Muay Thai seminars at several academies over the years.  Jarrett has trained with Ajarn Chai Sirisute, Frank Cucci, Antoni Hardonk, Sakasem “The Punisher” Kantha-wong, and many others in his study of the art.  This class meets every Tuesday at 8 PM, and all Muay Thai members are eligible to attend!


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