No-Gi November, and Leglocks at Revolution BJJ

Revolution BJJ will be running a month of no-gi classes this November!  Every single class will be no-gi.  Remember to bring an open mind about cutting edge BJJ techniques, leglocks, and grappling; but don’t bring your gi for the entire month!  If you have to get your gi fix on, come in Sunday for open mat or Thursday at 5:30 PM for judo.

Leglocks are among the most commonly misunderstood submissions in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  Previously perceived as “cheap” attacks, leglocks are now a huge part of the high level BJJ game.  Understanding the mechanics of each basic leglock is important in not only advancing your own skill level, but also in preventing injury.  Leglocks are also used to advance your position.  Understanding this is important at any level of jiu jitsu.

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