Returning to More Training Options

JHey Revolution BJJ family!  We have an announcement we hope will get you excited about training!  Starting June 1st, we will expand our current small training pods and move to time-slot based mega-pods. Students will select a time slot (morning, midday, afternoon, or evening) megapod and will be able to partner with everyone that attends classes in that particular slot. In addition, students who are fully vaccinated will be able to train during all time slots. We feel that this new opportunity will allow us to manage Covid-19 related risk while increasing access to a greater variety of training partners.

For students who want to keep training in a pod or with a designated partner, we’ll continue to encourage this, but won’t be hand-creating or managing small pods.  Whatever your comfort level is, we are here for you.

Reinstating the ability to cross train between both Revolution schools for students with unlimited memberships is also in the works!  We are confident that we can get there with this cautious approach over time, and want to thank you for your patience. Both gyms are committed to performing an incredibly difficult balancing act of keeping everyone safe while accommodating a spectrum of training needs.

Have questions? Comments? We’re always happy to hear from you, so please reach out to us here by responding to this email, or by calling us at (804) 657-7461. We’re very, very excited about integrating more folks into these larger pods and increasing the number of students that train with one another!

-Andrew, Jarrett, Trey, and Daniel 

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