Revolution BJJ Schedule Changes for Tuesday and Thursday Classes

Schedule changes

Revolution BJJ will be changing our Tuesday/Thursday evening class schedule for adult classes!  Beginning Thursday, March 2nd, the following class times will be different:

5:30 PM: Level 1 Gi (moving from 6 PM)
5:30 PM: Level 4 BJJ (moving from 7:30 PM)
6:30 PM: Self Defense (no-gi) (moving from 7 PM)
7:00 PM:  Muay Thai Level 1 (Intro) (Moving from 5:30 PM)
7:00 PM:  BJJ Drills Class (moving from 5:30 PM)
8:00 PM:  Muay Thai Level 2 (moving from 6:30 PM)

No-gi Level 1 (Intro) will remain at 7:30 PM, and kids’ BJJ will remain at 4:30 PM.

Please plan accordingly!  We will be making announcements in class leading up to the changes as well.

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