September at Revolution BJJ

armbarSeptember should make you think of two things:  one last stretch of delightfully summery weather, and armlocks.  All month long in every BJJ class level 2 and above, we’ll be focusing on how to set up and finish the armbar from guard, mount, back, knee on stomach, side control, and some very surprising positions.  Armlocks are a huge part of the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu game, and we’ll be focusing heavily on them this month!

If you’re new to the Richmond area and are looking for a BJJ gym, we have great programs for brand new beginners to martial arts, along with a comprehensive advanced program for blue belts and above.  Contact us if you’re interested in more information, or just register for an upcoming intro class!  We have two Muay Thai intro programs starting next month as well.  Our kids’ BJJ program and our kids’ kickboxing program are doing extremely well, with very accommodating instructors.

Clark Gracie will be at Revolution BJJ on Saturday, October 3rd!  The seminar is almost certainly going to sell out soon.
New self defense classes are now running, too!

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