Sisters from Revolution BJJ Take On All Challengers at Grapplemania

At Grapplemania in Henderson, North Carolina, two sisters who train at Revolution BJJ headed down to North Carolina for US Grappling’s final tournament of the year.  On December 03, 2011, Morgan Menzies competed in her first BJJ competition, entering four divisions.  She won gold in her weight class in women’s nogi beginner and a bronze in women’s gi absolute division.  Morgan’s closed-guard proved to be impassable for most of her competitors.

Lo Menzies had hoped to use techniques covered in Nogi-November in the women’s advanced nogi divisions, but unfortunately no other competitors registered.  She took gold in blue belt women’s weight class and absolute divisions.  Lo played various open-guard positions and searched for sweeps.

The sister team represented Revolution BJJ, fighting a total of ten matches and collecting four medals guided by the coaching of instructor Andrew Smith.

Both are working to improve their competition games in preparation for the US Grappling Richmond tournament on February 25, 2012 in Ashland, VA.

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