Scissors Sweep

LEVEL: Basic

Here I have my partner in my closed guard.  This means that my ankles are crossed around his back, over his hips.

I reach deeply inside my opponent’s collar.  I’m taking a cross grip here.

With my guard still closed, I take a same-side sleeve grip.  Note that my left elbow is pulled in close to my body.  This makes it very difficult for my opponent to resist the grip by pushing on my shoulder or planting on the ground with his right arm.

From here, I will simply pull my opponent forward.  This is probably the most neglected, and yet, most important element of a scissor sweep – the off-balance.

Now comes the “scissor” part.  My right leg extends, pushing my opponent’s torso forward.  My left leg scoops, taking away his base.

I follow to the top position, but I don’t slack off here- my right foot is ready to continue hooking my opponent’s left hip.  I use this to prevent his escape, and I follow to the top position….

…where I can achieve the full mount, complete with my right hand in my opponent’s collar.  I don’t let go of the sleeve grip with my left hand until I have established dominant top position.

From here, I base with my left hand, making sure I don’t get rolled back to guard with an “upa” escape.

Walking my hand all the way over to the other side of his neck, I “find the seam” that my right hand has created under my opponent’s neck.  I grab the “seam” with my left hand…..

And I drop my head to finish the choke, bringing my elbows to my sides.  This is just before my head drops.

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