Toreando Guard Pass Combination

LEVEL: Basic

1. In this variation, I am gripping the inside of my opponent’s knees. Note that I force his feet to the floor by fully extending my arms and putting weight down.

2. I begin the classic “toreando” (AKA “bullfight”) pass by stepping to my left with my left foot first.

3. Instead of completing the pass, I intentionally step into my opponent’s legs with my right foot, switching my hips on the way down. A good grappler will always sit up when his feet are pinned to the ground, which makes the classic finish to this pass all but impossible.

4. Instead of passing a good guard in one motion, I put two passes together: toreando and the hip-switch half-gaurd pass.

5. I finish in reverse kesa gatame side control, ready to mount or finish my opponent.

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