Uchi Mata (Judo Throw)

LEVEL: Basic/Intermediate

1. My opponent has picked up my left leg with a low-single takedown attempt.  Note that his head is on the inside.

2. “Live toes” are very important here.  I don’t want my opponent backstepping to finish the takedown.   My leg is right where I want it.

3. I reach over his sholder with my left hand, grabbing his belt.

4. I make sure to weigh down heavy on that right shoulder of his;  otherwise, I risk being lifted by a good wrestler or judo player.

5. My right hand grips his sleeve at the wrist.  I don’t necessarily need to break his grip.  The function of this sleeve will be to turn his upper body.

5. Here, I hop and turn, transferring my left leg from the back of his left knee to the back of his right knee.

6. I begin to lift his leg with my leg, utilizing a bowing motion (my whole body lifts, not just my leg) and I start to turn.

7. With my foot facing the same direction as my opponent’s foot, I hop towards his heel.  All of his weight is on that heel.

8. I take my time and hop several times, closing the distance as my opponent loses his balance.

9. I finish by not following him down, but rather push my hips forward.  Now I’m ready to pass his guard.

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