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Yoga Classes

Revolution BJJ is excited to collaborate with Taj Wellness to offer you a weekly yoga program focused on longevity. The practice of yoga is an excellent complement to Brazilian jiu jitsu or Muay Thai training. We have classes for the novice through advanced practitioner and encourage you to explore the basics if your new or deepen your existing practice with core, flow or expansion classes. Consistency is key to building a solid foundation so choose two-three classes per week, and stick with it! 


Get your FIRST 3 classes for $39!

Interested in our unlimited monthly YOGA MEMBERSHIP? 

Contact Stuart Turner at Revolution BJJ

e: info@revolutionbjj.com or call: 804-657-7461

For more information on group or private yoga classes, contact Taj Wellness

e: info@tajyogawellness.com or call: 804-723-6441



The place to start as a new student or anyone wishing to gain clarity in basic principles of yoga. Get familiar with foundational postures, breath work and relaxation techniques to find ease and build confidence. Break down precise actions in basic postures to learn correct alignment. Props will be used for individual modifications. No previous  experience required; all beginners welcome.


An energizing flow designed to access and integrate the core through traditional sun  salutations and a variety of core-centric postures. This class will supplement any style of practice by offering stabilization exercises for the abdominal, pelvic, and spinal muscles.  Strengthen muscles around your spine, tone your midsection, and develop the ability to move from your center. 6-months experience recommended; cont. beginners-advanced practitioners welcome. 


Inspired by the Yogaworks® method, within each class you will experience a blend of  precise instruction, alignment with breath, and fluid movement. Build strength and  endurance and explore more challenging postures – creative standing balances, prone  backbends, twists, and preparatory inversions. Props will be used for modifications and  variations will be offered. 1+ yrs experience recommended; intermediate-advanced  practitioners welcome. 


Vinyasa flow classes offer a creative, integrated practice that links poses and breath  together in a seamless and continuous movement pattern. Posture variations and modifications will be taught with differing degrees of intensity, so that you can choose  how much to challenge yourself based on your individual needs. The thread of breath  focuses the mind and links the elements of practice to deepen one’s moment to  moment awareness. 6 months experience recommended; cont. beginners-advanced  practitioners welcome.  

Get Warm 

A quick 20 minute warm-up that includes joint mobility for the ankles/wrists, hips/shoulders, and spine with agility exercises to get you moving. Great class before bjj, muay thai or any cardiovascular exercise (running or biking). All levels welcome.

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