July 2021: New Schedule, and Closed Guard

July 2021 at Revolution BJJ brings out our newly updated schedule of 54 classes per week.  Meanwhile, all BJJ classes will feature a focus on the closed guard.  Submissions, sweeps, and transitions from the bottom will take center stage, along with the top person’s perspective.

For those unfamiliar with our levels system, level 1 or 2 BJJ classes are open to any jiu jitsu members.  Level 3 classes are open to 2-stripe white belts and up. Level 4 classes are open to blue belts and up.

As a reminder: if you’re vaccinated, you can now attend during any time slot or go back and forth between Ashland and HQ (if you’re an unlimited member).  If you missed last month’s announcement about returning to more open training, you can read it on the website here. Finally, if you’re interested in checking out our book, it’s on sale here!

See you on the mats!

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