June 2021: Chokes

June 2021 is an amazing time for Revolution BJJ.  Read about our more open training schedule here.  Meanwhile, all BJJ classes will focus a wide range of chokes, both gi and no-gi.  We’ll be choking from side control, the back, mount, open and closed guard, and all sorts of unexpected transitions in between positions, covering some basic (and not-so-basic) defenses and counters, and reviewing some of our favorite combinations.

Check out our updated schedule for classes from 6 AM all the way until 8 PM.  We are taking every precaution we can to keep our gym safe, and whether you want to train at home or in-person, we are here for you.  Finally, if you’re interested in checking out our book, it’s on sale here!

See you on the mats, real or virtual!

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