October 2020: Omoplata and Triangle Focus, Pod Training, and More

During the entire month of October 2020, we’ll be focusing on the omoplata and triangle family as a technical theme in all BJJ classes.  We’ll work on setting up, finishing, and defending from all sorts of positions!

Stuck at home and looking to train?  We’ve got you covered with our online classes.  If you’re a member of the gym (or a friend of the gym who has experience training), sign up for online Zoom classes here for adults, and here for kids.  Want to get back to the gym?  We’ve got you covered: check out our schedule for designated partner pods and socially-distanced solo drills classes.  We are taking every precaution we can to keep our gym safe, and whether you want to train at home or in-person, we are here for you.

See you on the mats, real or virtual!

New “Pod” Training

Our goal at the gym is to keep everyone as safe as reasonably possible, while offering the best training experience we can for in-person training.  As a result of balancing both of these forces, we are able to move to pod-style training for students starting in October. Pods will differ from the partner concept in that students are now a group of four, rather than two. In a ‘pod’ students can rotate who they practice technique with, drill with, and roll with within their pod. The pods will also help groups that have difficult schedules to contend with. If three members of the ‘pod’ can attend, but the fourth member cannot attend, the ‘pod’ can still train in the class.

How will pods work?

All members of the pod are expected to reserve their spots in the class. Class sizes will be increased to 16 available spots. The manager will take care of reservation problems and questions. In the case that too many different groups are reserved, the groups with the most members reserved will be given the available spot.

Individual partner groups will still be eligible to attend ‘pod’ classes. If you are not a part of a ‘pod’ just yet, or do not wish to expand out of your partnership, you may still reserve your spots and have space to train.

How do I join a pod?

Are you a student looking to start ‘designated partner training’ and/or ‘pods’ training, but don’t know who to work with? Daniel can help to locate suitable partners for partnerships and for pods.  Email him if you want to just reach directly, or fill out this form and we can get you set up.

Prefer to train from home? 

Stuck at home and looking to train?  We’ve got you covered with our live online classes.  If you have a friend you’re comfortable training with in the comfort of your own home (or a family member), this is a great opportunity to roll out of bed and onto the mats.  If you’re unable to train in person and want to support the gym, this is one great way to do it.
Learn about online classes here

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