Kimura Attack with Rear Collar Choke Finish (Part 1)

LEVEL: Intermediate / Advanced

1. I am in my opponent’s half-guard.  I have switched my hips.

2. I reach over my opponent’s left shoulder and grip for the “Kimura” shoulder lock

3. Here I am establishing my grip on my own wrist for the Kimura.

4. Note that my left leg is out at 90 degrees and that my toes are “live.”

5. My opponent grabs his own belt to defend against the Kimura, so I start to untuck his lapel on that side….

6. …feeding the lapel through to my left hand.  This isolates his far side arm and pins my opponent’s back to the mat.

7. With my right arm free, I continue to pass the half guard as normal, freeing my right leg.

8. With this particular pass, I always work towards north/south- see part 2 for why.

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