Kimura Attack with Rear Collar Choke Finish (Part 2)

LEVEL: Intermediate / Advanced

Start with Part 1.

8. Here I have secured a solid side control position with my opponent’s arm trapped with the Kimura Lapel Trap.

9. From here, I have lots of options.  My personal preference is to switch to the traditional Kimura grip.

10. With this grip, I am in total control.  I force my opponent onto his side, and forward.

11. From here, I put my first hook in…

12. Keeping the Kimura grip, I insert my second hook.

13. Now that I have my opponent’s back, I continue to control his hand with my left hand while working up with my free right hand to the “harness” position, over and around his neck.

14. Harness Grip with a one-on-one.

15. Waiting until I have a deep grip on my opponent’s lapel, I will release the one-on-one and start working to choke.

16. If he allows me to control his elbow, I will finish him with the “single wing choke,” kata ha jime.

17. Otherwise, I will grab his pants as close as possible to the knee, finishing the “bow and arrow” choke.

Another Angle View of the Submission

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